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Community Initiatives

“Whilst ‘Wow Telemarketing’ keeps me busy, I want to promote good causes which I feel passionately about.
To this end, Wow Telemarketing has signed up to be a Charter Partner of the East Sussex Against Scams Partnership (ESASP) along with other local organisations, businesses, clubs, councils, societies, and voluntary groups.

For further information, visit the website

 I would really appreciate it if you, the reader could please pledge to do something to help raise awareness about scams.

For example, why not go online and do the 20 minute Friends Against Scams awareness session? I’m doing my bit and will be sharing details about initiatives with my personal and work contacts. I’d encourage East Sussex organisations to share such information.

Nearly everyone I know has a story about a scam and we must learn how to protect ourselves and spot the signs that someone we know may be a scam victim. We can work together to make it harder for East Sussex residents to fall victim to scams organised by predatory criminals. Remember: scams are fraud and fraud is a crime. Don’t ignore scams, report them so others can learn about what’s going on out there.